Feeling so free

It has been 7 days since my Brain surgery. I had a partial resection. The Dr removed a piece that was 1.5″ and I was told felt like rubber. As I sit here reflecting on that coin machine jawbreaking piece that took up space and created chaos. Let’s name that little brat Beavis. Beavis for the last 16 years was like a bad neighbor he threw parties at all times of the day. The music wasn’t good, however the house parties sure made me dance some better than others.

I am so mixed with emotions I don’t know where to begin. The best way to describe this blog was when I was small my beautiful aunt Georgia always had a smile on her face, she was always laughing, and always positive. If I would fall she would throw her arms out like an empire and loudly say :”safe” so I would be destracted. Threw this past 16 years my life has felt like one big fall until now because of all the emotions epilepsy has created, and that I allowed. But at this very moment I can hear my aunt and see her throwing out her arms “safe!!”

As my husband and I were watching tv tonight he asked how I felt. I tried to explain to him all the different emotions but I cannot pick just one, because I honestly I never thought this would ever be possible. I know my surgery was just 7 days ago, but I am very optimistic, blessed, and so thankful.

If I could use one analogy I would say for the last 16 years I have been confused on why me, I have been angry because it was me, and tried to be positive and strong for everyone else but me. As I write this trying not to cry at this moment I feel like I’ve been chained in water which is horrible because I can’t swim and the thick chains have been cut. I am finally free!!

For those reading this that know me thank you for walking this path with me.

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